Want a better way to find coax fault?

Lab-grade functionality in a simple, rugged hand-held TDR – with no dead zone

The DSP TDR precisely locates cable breaks or faults to get service back online as soon as possible.

With the DSP TDR cable service provider maintenance teams and contractors can quickly find cable breaks and faults to restore service quickly. Simple to operate, the step TDR technology, gives complete, precise measurements with no blind spots. An on-screen events list is available with the press of a button. The DSP TDR offers lab-grade functionality in a rugged hand-held meter.
Key features

  • Reduces outage and line problem troubleshooting time
  • Features fast, complete, and precise measurements without blind spots
  • Upload and retain results with cloud-based StrataSync for auditing
  • Built-to-last design for use in the real environment of network technicians
  • Battery life >12 hours

Since a cable break likely means an outage, pin-pointing it quickly is very important. Length measurement accuracy is critical since the cable is often underground and must be dug out to make the splice. A lack of precision in this measurement means a bigger hole must be dug. The DSP TDR accurately locates breaks and faults, helping the operator avoid paying for unnecessary span replacements.

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