New SmartPocket V2 OLP-39 TruePON Tester

VIAVI has launched the New SmartPocket V2 OLP-39 that combines PON power measurement with TruePON PON ID analysis for G-PON and XGS-PON services to create the industry's smallest and most robust TruePON tester.

The increasing demand for FTTH services emphasizes that installations must be done right the first time to prevent cuts that lead to repeated truck rolls. A big challenge for installers and contractors is choosing the right drop ports/fibres. The labels may be incorrect, illegible, or simply missing, and the distribution fibre may be cross-connected to the wrong splitter and his OLT port. Choosing the wrong drop port/fibre will result in the wrong connection between the customer and its OLT, resulting in no service being seen on first visit. True PON ID analysis ensures connectivity to the correct OLT port, eliminating installation errors and activation delays.


  • Ensure first time install success by verifying correct OLT port connectivity
  • Minimize activation delays and meet targets for installs per day
  • Reduce abandonments and escalations that cause repeat truck rolls
  • Prevent borderline installs and troubleshoot low power issues with in-service loss inserting
  • Support the migration to 10G services and coexistence of services on the same PON

Download the datasheet below to learn more about the VIAVI SmartPocket V2 OLP-39.

If you have further questions or would like to try the product, contact us here or phone us on 03 9381 7888.

To learn more about PON testing, download the Understanding Passive Optical Network (PON) Testing Poster.

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