Teletics ZipLine Ethernet/LAN Connectivity

The Fastest Link Between Two Points

ZipLine is the fastest, least expensive way to get Ethernet connectivity at a true 170Mbps between two locations. In the past, if you needed Ethernet/LAN Connectivity at a nearby location, you had to either trench cable or call the phone company.

With the Teletics ZipLine, you can provide high-speed Ethernet to another building, in under two hours, and at a fraction of the cost of trenching. There is never any digging. You don’t need surveys or right-of-way maps. Just point, plugin, and you’re done.


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Features and Benefits:

No Trenching

  • Install without licenses
  • Install without a survey or right of way map
  • Ideal for temporary or permanent installations
  • GigE connection, any time, any where
  • Connect to the Internet, LANs and/ or VoIP

Fast & Easy Installation

  • Everything is included
  • Can be installed in under 2 hours
  • No special radio skills needed
  • Software is pre-programmed
  • Outdoor radio is complete unit
  • No radio cables or tools needed


  • 256 bit WPA-PSK (AES) encryption
  • System is unique and secure

Unlicensed Radio Technology

  • No special licenses required