Seeker D HFC Leakage Drive Test Kit (ex demo)

Digital Leakage Management System

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Configured to NBN Specifications

VIAVI Seeker D leakage detector accurately detects and measures signal leakage within the near-LTE and aeronautical frequency bands and features and unsurpassed sensitivity from 2 to 2000 uV/m.

The VIAVI Seeker D works in conjunction with the CT-4™ Channel Tagger. The CT-4 is a 1U rack-mounted unit that is located in the head end that provides an uncompromising tagging solution for active analog or digital systems.

In the NAV band, the Seeker D detects the proprietary signal from the CT-4 and scales it to be similar to leakage readings taken from an analog carrier. Consequently, the Seeker meter and Seeker D meter readings produce similar results in the aeronautical band.

Whether testing for leaks in both digital and analog systems, or monitoring aeronautical bands or near-LTE, Seeker D provides all of the capability to find and fix leaks quickly, accurately, and effectively.

The Seeker D leakage detector and the included mobile mount allow you to utilize your existing LAW Server, and Garmin GPS receiver, while keeping your plant technologically ready to meet tomorrow’s leakage monitoring needs.

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This ex-demo unit comes with;

  • Seeker D Leakage Detector
  • Seeker D Mobile Mount with mounting arm and hardware
  • Seeker MCA III Base
  • Low & High Band Rubber Duck Antenna
  • Mobile mount to Diplexer Cable
  • Antenna Diplexer
  • AC Travel Charger and USB Cable
  • Mobile Mount DC Power Cable
  • Serial Data Cable
  • In Line Fuse Holders
  • Seeker D Leakage Detector Glove Case
  • Trilithic AFS-7 Antenna / TQC-600AI Antenna
  • Huber & Suhner Antenna
  • PCTEL Low Profile Vehicle Antenna
  • PCTEL Magnetic Mount Antenna
  • Smart GPS Receiver/Antenna
  • Operational Manual CD
  • Large Carry Bag
  • Various Cables

Key Features:

  • The complete high-performance, easy-to-use leakage solution
  • Adjustable frequencies
  • Accurately monitors leakage in all digital systems or mixed digital and analog systems
  • Time-saving channel tagging capabilities
  • Latest leak-tagging technology
  • Virtualized tagger support from multiple R-PHY vendors
  • Unsurpassed sensitivity from 2–2000 μV/m
  • Cost-effective solution utilizing the majority of existing seeker GPS installation and equipment

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