One Step Precision Fibre Cleaver with Auto Rotating Blade


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The FC-600 One Step Fibre Optic Cleaver is a precision tool designed to simplify and elevate fibre optic splicing. With one-step cleaving, unparalleled precision, durability, and cost-effectiveness, it’s the ideal choice for technicians seeking efficient and high-quality splicing results. Say goodbye to complex processes and hello to seamless, reliable cleaving.

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The FC-600 One Step Fibre Optic Cleaver is designed to simplify and enhance the fibre optic splicing process. This cleaver provides an array of functionalities that guarantee smooth and superior outcome with each splice.

Key Features:

  • One-Step Cleaving: Bid farewell to complex, multi-step cleaving processes. The FC-600 streamlines the cleaving action into a single step, automating the cleave, blade rotation, and scrap collection. This simplicity translates to faster, more efficient splicing, saving you valuable time.
  • Precision Redefined: Achieving precise cleaves is a breeze with the FC-600. Its cutting angle of less than 0.5° sets a new standard for accuracy, ensuring optimal fibre preparation for seamless fusion splicing. Say goodbye to signal loss and hello to consistent performance.
  • Durability for Any Environment: Whether you’re working outdoors or in temperature-sensitive data centers, the FC-600 is built to withstand the toughest conditions. Its rugged design guarantees durability, empowering you to tackle challenges without compromise.
  • Cost-Effective Blade Life: With a blade life of up to 52,000 cleaves, the FC-600 significantly reduces the need for frequent blade replacements. This translates to cost savings, hassle-free maintenance, and uninterrupted workflow.
  • Accurate Cleave Lengths: The scaled holder feature allows for precise cleave lengths ranging from 5 to 20 mm. This level of control ensures your splicing projects meet the highest quality standards.


  • Efficiency: The FC-600’s one-step cleaving streamlines the process, allowing you to complete projects faster without sacrificing quality. This efficiency opens doors for taking on more projects and meeting tight deadlines.
  • Quality: Precision is at the heart of the FC-600’s design. Enjoy consistent, reliable cleaves that minimize signal loss, ensuring your installations and splices deliver optimal performance.
  • Versatility: From 250 µm to 900 µm fibres, the FC-600 accommodates various fibre sizes, making it a versatile tool for a range of splicing projects.
  • Confidence: With the FC-600’s accuracy and durability, you can approach every splice with confidence, knowing you have a reliable tool by your side.
  • Professional Growth: The FC-600’s precision capabilities allow you to enhance your skill set, positioning you as a skilled and sought-after fibre optic technician.