Observer nTAPS

Network TAPs

nTAPs from VIAVI are passive, full-duplex network TAP devices, offering complete visibility to monitoring devices regardless of traffic level. They work with the leading management tools for quick and easy deployment. nTAPs are transparent for monitoring critical links, and provide continuous network data flow even if power fails. nTAPs are scalable, modularized, space efficient, and economical.

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Observer nTAPs

VIAVI nTAPs are network TAP devices designed to allow monitoring devices complete visibility over a network. They are passive and full-duplex, meaning they are capable of receiving and sending data without any intervention from the user. What makes them particularly attractive to monitoring and analytic applications is their transparency. This means that no flow control or additional processing is needed to capture data, so these nTAPs allow for constant network data flow regardless of power disruptions.

In addition to the transparency offered, nTAPs are very practical and efficient when it comes to installation and scalability. They are designed to be used with the leading management tools to provide quick and easy deployment. As they are modularized and space efficient, they can easily fit into the most challenging networks and scale up or down depending on the need. Lastly, the nTAPs are highly economical and provide an excellent return on investment due to their great performance and cost-effectiveness.

nTAP Options

Optical nTAPs
For use on full-duplex optical links. Attach to an optical monitoring device equipped with a dual-receive capture card. Available in 1, 10, 40 and 100 G speeds.

Copper nTAPs
Gain full visibility into links with sturdy, easy-to-install copper nTAPs. Feed analyzers, security devices, and more without fear of lost data.

Aggregator and Conversion nTAPs
When analyzers and other monitoring devices communicate over different topologies than the network, aggregator and conversion nTAPs can bridge the gap.


  • Durable – Strong, lasting aluminum chassis designed exclusively by VIAVI. No off-the-shelf components
  • Compact – Tap up to 24 fiber links inside a 1U rack space. The space-saving design optimizes data center usage.
  • Modular – Built to scale. Start with only the modules that you need. Add or change modules as you see fit.
  • Flexible – Mix and match the speeds, fiber modes, and split ratios needed for your environment.