Picabond Crimping Tool to crimp AMP Picabond connectors onto 19 – 28 AWG wires


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The Jonard Tools PIC-G Picabond Crimping Tool is designed to attach various AMP Picabond connectors to wires that are 19-28 AWG. The tool has a movable anvil and two fixed dies that work together to crimp the connector securely and uniformly every time. The tool also features rubber wire supports that hold the wire in place during crimping, and a built-in wire cutter that trims excess wire during the crimping process. Additionally, the tool has a unique moving handle that pushes the connectors into the crimping dies to ensure consistent connections. The fixed handle provides extra support during crimping. This tool is compatible with AMP Picabond connectors in different stripe colors, such as orange, green, purple, green/amber, purple/amber, red, and yellow.

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Jonard Tools PIC-G Picabond Crimping Tool is a VS-3 style hand tool designed to crimp various AMP Picabond connectors onto 19 – 28 AWG wires.

Features and Benefits:

  • Moveable anvil and two fixed dies crimp the connector perfectly every time
  • Rubber wire supports hold wire in place while crimping
  • Built-in wire cutter locates the connector on the anvil and cuts excess wire during crimping
  • Unique moving handle pushes connectors into the crimping dies, ensuring highly uniform connections with every crimp
  • Fixed handle provides additional support during crimping
  • Compatible with AMP Picabond Connectors with the following stripe colors: Orange, Green, Purple, Green/Amber, Purple/Amber, Red, and Yellow