Flush Cut Kevlar® Cutters (Product of the Year 2021)


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The Jonard Tools JIC-190 Flush Cut Kevlar® Cutters are designed for precise and clean cutting of Kevlar®, cabling insulation, tape, cable ties, and other materials flush to the surface. With thin-nose jaws, a serrated edge for secure cutting, a sharpenable non-serrated blade for long life, and spring-loaded TPR handles for enhanced ergonomics, these cutters offer versatility, durability, and comfortable use. They are an essential tool for professionals in telecommunications, electrical installations, and related fields, providing reliable and professional-looking results.

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The Jonard Tools JIC-190 Flush Cut Kevlar® Cutters are a must-have tool for any professional seeking precision, versatility, and durability in their cutting tasks. Whether you’re working with Kevlar® or other materials that require flush cutting, these cutters deliver exceptional performance, ensuring high-quality results every time.

Key Features:

  • Thin-nose jaws: The thin-nose jaws of these cutters provide easy access into tight places, allowing you to cut Kevlar® flush to the fibre jacket effortlessly.
  • Serrated edge: The cutters are equipped with a serrated edge that securely holds the Kevlar® in place during cutting. This feature ensures clean and precise cuts every time.
  • Non-serrated blade: The non-serrated blade of the cutters can be sharpened, providing continuous long life. This allows you to maintain the sharpness of the blade for extended use.
  • Spring-loaded TPR handles: The cutters feature spring-loaded TPR (thermoplastic rubber) handles that offer enhanced ergonomics. The handles are designed to reduce hand fatigue, making it comfortable to use the cutters for longer periods of time.


  • Versatile cutting capability: The JIC-190 cutters are specifically designed to cut Kevlar®, but they can also effectively cut cabling insulation, tape, cable ties, and various other materials. This versatility makes them an ideal tool for professionals working in telecommunications, electrical installations, and other related fields.
  • Precise and clean cuts: With the combination of thin-nose jaws and a serrated edge, these cutters ensure precise and clean cuts. You can achieve accurate trimming and trimming of materials flush to the surface, resulting in professional-looking finishes.
  • Durable and long-lasting: The non-serrated blade is built to last, and it can be easily sharpened to maintain its cutting performance over time. This durability ensures that you can rely on these cutters for continuous and reliable use.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design: The spring-loaded TPR handles not only reduce hand fatigue but also improve overall comfort during use. This ergonomic design allows you to work with ease and efficiency, even during prolonged cutting tasks.

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