Fibre Cleaning Tool for OPTITAP Connectors, One Click Cleaner HC

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The IBC™ Brand One Click Cleaner HC is a highly effective cleaning tool designed specifically for hardened OptiTAP connectors used in Opti-Tap compatible connection systems, such as those found on the National Broadband Network (NBN). With its push-style port cleaner and non-fraying cloth design, this product offers convenient and reliable cleaning for cable assemblies in various settings. It provides over 525 cleaning engagements per unit and features an anti-static system that ensures a pristine endface while minimizing contaminant attraction. The One Click Cleaner HC is compliant with international standards, making it a trustworthy choice for maintaining the performance and reliability of your OptiTAP connectors.

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US Conec 9394 One Click Fibre Cleaning Tool

The IBC™ Brand Cleaner HC for hardened OptiTAP connectors is a reliable and efficient one click cleaner specifically designed for Opti-Tap compatible connection systems used on the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Key Features:

  • 525+ cleaning engagements per unit: Provides an extensive number of cleaning cycles, ensuring long-lasting usability.
  • Anti-static system: Ensures a pristine end-face and reduces the attraction of contaminants, leading to improved performance and reliability.
  • Cleans cable assembly in hand as well as cables behind the panel: Offers versatility and convenience by allowing you to clean cable assemblies in various settings.
  • Non-fraying cloth design: Ensures durability and longevity, preventing the cloth from wearing out and compromising cleaning effectiveness.
  • Simple push to clean action: Streamlines the cleaning process, making it quick and hassle-free.


  • Cable assembly factories: Ideal for maintaining cleanliness and ensuring optimal performance of cable assemblies during production.
  • Field Installations – Cleaning cable assemblies: Perfect for technicians working in the field, ensuring that cable assemblies are clean and reliable for proper installations.
  • Field Installations – Cleaning in-situ/behind the panel connectors: Facilitates maintenance and upkeep of connectors in challenging environments, allowing for efficient cleaning in tight spaces.

Standards Compliance:

  • IEC-61300-3-35: Meets international standards for connector endface cleaning, ensuring reliability and compatibility.
  • IEC-TSB-XYZ: Complies with industry standards, guaranteeing high-quality performance and compatibility.


  • Part Number: 9394
  • Brand: IBC™
  • Style: One Click / Push Style Port Cleaner
  • Connector Type: OptiTap®
  • Cleaning Function: In Situ or Unmated Cable Assembly
  • Use Type: Disposable
  • Ferrule Size: 2.5mm
  • Number of Cleans: 525+

Telstra approved serial item 35301707

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