Digital SMARTone and SMARTprobe Kit

Digital Tone Generator/Tester and Tone Receiver Kit

The Digital SMARTone Tone Generator/Tester & SMARTprobe Tone Receiver which comes as a kit are special tools that helps people who work with networks to fix and organize cables. It’s better than other tools like it because it uses advanced technology to help find and identify cables quickly and accurately. With older tools, it was often hard to tell which cable was which, especially when they were all bundled together. With this new tools, it makes it easier to find and identify the right cable by using special signals and lights. The SMARTprobe Tone Receiver can be used to test cables at a distance and it can also show how the wires inside the cable are connected. It can be used together with the SMARTone Digital Tone Generator/Tester to test if the cables are working properly, if the phone is working, and if the wires inside the cable are connected in the right way.

We are an Authorised Distributor of Hobbes Innovation. If you can't find the right tool on our website, please reach out to us and we'll source it for you. Since 1985 Hobbes Innovation, has been manufacturing test and measurement equipment worldwide and has built up a strong reputation in the telecommunications and computer industries from its base in Taiwan.

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Digital SMARTone Tone Generator/Tester and SMARTprobe Tone Receiver Kit

In this new generation of new digital tone generators and probe, Hobbes Innovation is offering the SMARTone Digital Tone Generator/Tester and SMARTprobe Tone Receiver as a kit. The SMARTone Digital Tone Generator/Tester and SMARTprobe Tone Receiver are new tools that helps with installing and fixing networks. It’s better than older tools because it doesn’t have the same problems with noise and signals leaking out. This makes it easier to find the right cables and avoid mistakes, especially when there are a lot of cables together.

The SMARTone and SMARTprobe help find and test cables quickly and accurately. They are powered by advanced digital signal technology to generate and trace signals through cables. The SMARTone has two different signals it can send and 9 different visual indicators to help locate cables. The SMARTprobe is also a remote terminator, which allows you to test cables from a distance. When you use both the SMARTone and SMARTprobe together, they can also be used to test if cables are working correctly and show how they are wired. The SMARTprobe also can display the pin-to-pin configuration of cables to determine if they are damaged or wired incorrectly.

The SMARTone and SMARTprobe work much better than older tools for finding, identifying, and testing cables. They are a big improvement over the old Analog Tone Generators and Probes, and make it easier to install, fix, and maintain cables in networks.

Key Features and Benefits:

Tone Generator:

  • Transmit advanced digital signal through cables for accurate tracing and identifying cables using digital SMARTprobe.
  • Ability to send digital or analog tones with two distinct modes (one note–tone and two-note–tone)
  • LED indicator for visual Identification
  • Cable Tester and Probe in one.
  • Pin–to–pin testing for identifying wiring faults (opened, shorted, reversed, crossed, or miswired) and cable configuration
  • Determine, locate and organize network cables
  • Telephone service and polarity test: +polarity; –polarity; ringing
  • Black and red alligator clips to test individual cable wire
  • Operable with traditional probe (1kHz analog tone)
  • Auto Power–off and low battery indicator
  • Complies with IEEE802.3af standard

Digital Probe:

  • 2 functionalities in one: Probe Unit and Remote Terminator (Cable Tester)
  • Digital signal tracing technology to avoid noises and false signals
  • Accurately traces and identify cables quickly and efficiently
  • Can identify cables in bundles or at patch panels
  • Receives both digital and 1 kHz analog signals with both two distinct tones: One Note–Tone or Two Note–Tone
  • 9 visual indicator levels for tone signal sensitivity
  • Adjustable speaker volume for various working environments
  • Special inductive tip for protection against accidental shorts from high voltage devices