Ignoring End User Issues is Like Ignoring Your Bottom Line

Your IT network supports employee productivity, partner relations, customer interactions, and your bottom line. If there are network performance problems it can impact every area of your business from sales to billing, from order fulfillment to customer communication. These slowdowns, or worst-case, complete outages, cost the business money in direct costs, like lost sales, and in more intangible ways like lost productivity or customer loyalty. Unfortunately, these areas of poor performance happen every day.

It doesn’t have to be like this. VIAVI understands and is addressing the challenge. Discover what you can do to improve your network and business performance. Watch the two minute video IT Revolution

Typical indicators that all is not well include:

  • End users reporting issues before IT knows about them
  • IT teams have data and metrics that aren’t helping them find and fix issues faster
  • Wasted time to quickly identify who owns the issue
  • Some problems are taking weeks to resolve or are never resolved at all
  • Network, server, security, and application teams all blaming each other

Act now. Watch the video

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