Ignoring End User Issues is Like Ignoring Your Bottom Line

The IT network is an integral part of a business that plays a crucial role in ensuring employee productivity, partner relations, and customer interactions. A well-functioning network can positively impact the bottom line of a business by facilitating sales, billing, order fulfillment, and customer communication. However, when network performance problems occur, they can have a far-reaching impact across the entire business.

If the IT network experiences slowdowns or complete outages, it can result in direct costs, such as lost sales, which can directly impact the financial health of the business. Moreover, poor network performance can also result in intangible costs, such as lost productivity or customer loyalty.

Despite the significance of network performance, poor performance issues are a daily occurrence. When network performance issues occur, it can lead to a significant decline in the productivity of employees, thereby negatively affecting the overall performance of the business. Similarly, when customer communication is disrupted or delayed, it can lead to reduced customer satisfaction, and in the long run, customer loyalty.

Businesses don’t have to suffer from poor network performance as there are solutions available. VIAVI, a leading provider of network performance management solutions, understands this challenge and has taken steps to address it. They offer a range of tools and capabilities to help businesses improve their network and overall business performance.

To learn more about how VIAVI can help, you can watch a video that showcases the capabilities of their Observer platform. This network performance management solution is designed to drive operational excellence by providing real-time visibility into network performance, which helps businesses identify and resolve issues quickly. By using this solution, businesses can proactively manage their networks to ensure optimal performance, which can lead to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

There are several typical indicators that can suggest that all is not well in your IT network. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • End users reporting issues before IT knows about them
  • IT teams have data and metrics that aren’t helping them find and fix issues faster
  • Wasted time to quickly identify who owns the issue
  • Some problems are taking weeks to resolve or are never resolved at all
  • Network, server, security, and application teams all blaming each other

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