Don’t settle for ‘good enough’ network monitoring

With the recent cyber-attacks, it is critical for organisations from small and mid-size businesses (SMBs), schools, hospitals to critical national infrastructure to review their network monitoring solution.

Many small businesses frequently feel immune to cyber threats. They believe their relative obscurity keeps them floating safely beneath the radar of threat actors. Threat actors target SMBs for several reasons. SMBs lack sophisticated cyber security protections and are easy to attack. While ransomware payments and the value of the data is lower than that of a large organisation, smaller enterprises give threat actors a playground to practice. Additionally, while SMBs may not be an attractive target on their own, the relationships small businesses have with larger companies could provide a backdoor to a larger enterprise.

In an increasingly complex threat landscape, staying ahead requires a good network performance monitoring and management strategy. If your current solution is not adaptable to a changing mix of applications and infrastructure, or it takes too much time to analyse data - then it may be time to re-evaluate. In “From Zero to Insight in Three Days or Less” you will see that you have another choice.

This eBook provides:

  • Justification to modernize
  • A 10-point planning checklist
  • Implementation Steps
  • Post Implementation - Support and Training

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What is Network Performance Monitoring?

Network Performance Monitoring is a process of;

  • Measuring how the network performs under "normal" conditions
  • Analyzing the root cause of performance problems
  • Optimizing performance to increase network efficiency

the quality of service over a network. To effectively monitor performance, network management tools use Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), network flow data, and packet capture to collect and analyze performance data. Armed with all this comprehensive real-time and forensic data, network administrators and network analysts can get a full picture of how the network performs and be able to optimize performance while minimizing security risks.

Does network performance monitoring have a role to play in IT cybersecurity initiatives?
Many organisations today are integrating their Network Operations (NetOps) and Security Operations (SecOps) teams into one. Security-related issues are also common reasons behind network service issues, so the integration of the once isolated teams makes sense.

Security threat risks can lead to costly downtime or compromised data. These risks can be mitigated through advanced network performance monitoring practices and cutting-edge investigation and detection capabilities. This enables faster response times to complex network issues and security threats.

Comprehensive network performance monitoring solutions enhance security by offering in-depth visibility into traffic traversing the entire network and underlying infrastructure that controls conversation flows.

When SecOps and NetOps teams have the same visibility into the same network, it gives them the opportunity to communicate on the same level. This allows them to collaborate more effectively.
By profiling users and devices, SecOps and NetOps teams are able to quickly detect and alert one another of potentially rogue behavior. The documentation of discovery information facilitates the restoration of compromised assets and intellectual materials following an incident.

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