How do you clean your fibre optic end faces?

Do you want to know your network’s dirty little secret? 

It’s not just about speed and reliability – it’s about achieving unparalleled performance. How do you clean your fibre optic end faces?

And the real magic happens when every fibre optic component gleams with absolute cleanliness.  

Whether you’re maintaining existing infrastructure or installing new connections, ensuring the cleanliness of fibre optic components is paramount for optimal performance. The end-faces of connectors, in particular, demand meticulous attention, as even the smallest contaminants can degrade signal quality and reliability. To tackle this challenge effectively, fibre technicians rely on an arsenal of essential cleaning tools and methods. 

Some essential fibre cleaning tools;

Lint-free wipes: These are crucial for gently wiping away any dust, oils, or residues from the fibre optic connectors without leaving lint or particles behind.

Alcohol swabs: Isopropyl alcohol swabs are commonly used to clean the end faces of connectors. They help dissolve and remove stubborn contaminants effectively.

Connector cleaning pens: These pens usually contain a dry cleaning cloth or a reel of fabric specifically designed for cleaning connector end faces. They’re handy for quick and efficient cleaning, especially in tight spaces.

Fibre optic cleaning cassette: This tool contains a reel of cleaning cloth that can be advanced to present a fresh section for each connector. It’s a convenient and efficient way to clean multiple connectors without changing cleaning materials frequently.

Compressed air: Using compressed air can blow away loose particles and dust from connector end faces and other components of the fibre optic system.

Fibre optic cleaning fluid: Specialized cleaning fluids designed for fibre optics can be used in conjunction with wipes or swabs for thorough cleaning. These fluids are formulated to dissolve contaminants effectively without leaving residues.

One-click cleaner: This tool is designed for quick and easy cleaning of connector end faces with a simple one-click operation. It typically incorporates a cleaning tip and a mechanism to advance fresh cleaning material.

Cleaning sticks: These are small sticks with cleaning fabric wrapped around one end. They can be used to reach into connector ports or other tight spaces for cleaning.

Fibre inspection microscope: While not strictly a cleaning tool, a fibre inspection microscope is essential for inspecting connector end faces after cleaning to ensure they are free from contamination or damage.

While these traditional cleaning tools are essential for maintaining pristine end-face cleanliness, they have their limitations. Traditional methods often require physical contact with the end-face, which can be time-consuming and risk damaging delicate components. This not only slows down workflow but also raises concerns about the reliability of cleaning procedures.

So what if I told you there’s a new player on the field?

Say hello to the Sticklers™ Pro360° Touchless Cleaner – an advanced fibre optic end face cleaning device that changes the way you clean fibre optic connectors forever.

Sticklers™ Pro360° Touchless Cleaner

The Pro360° Touchless Cleaner distinguishes itself with its revolutionary touchless cleaning technology. Unlike traditional methods that rely on physical contact, this innovative device delivers a micro-dose of atomized cleaning fluid within a narrow column of pressurized air onto the  optic connector end-face. This contactless approach ensures thorough cleaning without risking damage to delicate components.

What sets the Pro360° Touchless Cleaner apart is its ability to achieve complete removal of contaminants from the entire end-face, including the critical ferrule edge that could otherwise migrate into the contact zone and compromise optical signal transmission. Whether you’re working with male or female connector ends, this advanced cleaner offers unparalleled cleaning performance with just the push of a button.

Compact, portable, and versatile, the Pro360° Touchless Cleaner is suitable for a wide range of applications, including FTTH, FTTA, data centres, aviation, naval, and military installations. Whether powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or an AC line power supply, this innovative device delivers consistent, reliable cleaning performance wherever it’s needed.

With interchangeable touchless cleaning tips for 1.25mm and 2.5mm connectors and a replaceable cleaning fluid canister providing over 2,000 contactless cleans, the Pro360° Touchless Cleaner combines convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness like never before.

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