Featured Tools From Jonard to Make Your Life Easier!

Jonard Featured Tools

Featured Tools From Jonard!

Check out these tools from Jonard designed to make your work easier! These tools are Industry-need and must-have handheld tools for every technician's daily life.

COAX Cable Gripping Tool

Designed to grip RG59, RG6, RG7, and RG11 cables, this COAX cable gripping tool facilitates the stripping, slitting, splicing, and other functions of coaxial cables.

Fiber Optic Scribe

Designed with a 35° beveled edge and 6 mm wide carbide blade, this fiber optic scribe is the perfect tool for scribing optical fiber.

Adjustable Wire Stripper & Cutter

Designed with a precision-ground “V” notch blade and adjustable blade stop for superior stripping, this adjustable wire stripper and cutter is perfect for stripping and cutting 10-30 AWG (2.6-0.25 mm) solid and stranded wire.

Riser Slitting Tool

Designed to shave a longitudinal access window in round FTTH riser cables and microducts for mid-span access. This riser slitting tool is perfect for making access windows on cables 8 to 14 mm (0.33” to 0.55”) in diameter without damaging the fiber inside.

Universal Cable Stripping Tool with Cable Stop for COAX, Network, and Telephone Cables

The Jonard Tools UST-525 cable stripping tool is designed to strip COAX, Network Cables, and Telephone Cables for quick and easy termination.

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