Deliver transparent, switched ISDN services across packet networks

PacketBand-ISDN-B delivers transparent switched ISDN services across packet networks. All ports are synchronised with central, or network clocks, providing a fully clock-locked environment across asynchronous packet networks – no there is no data loss due to free-running and slipping clocks. This system provides ISDN over Ethernet/IP networks for both voice and, more critically, data applications.

Product Features:

  • Transmits all data and voice protocols over packet networks
  • Totally transparent to all data formats
  • All PacketBands and interfaces synchronized to the same clocks
  • Various clocking options with high quality clock recovery
  • Any “B” channel can dial any other on the packet network, or “break-out/in” via a “gateway” PacketBand to national/international ISDN
  • Provides low-cost migration to IP networks for legacy equipment
  • Low data overheads
  • Configurable packet size
  • Compensates for “jitter” or packet delay variation
  • Re-orders out of sequence packets
  • Very low latency or processing delay
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