Ensuring Uninterrupted Positioning, Navigation and Timing

If I were to reveal that the enemy’s deadliest weapon bears no resemblance to your typical bullet or missile, would you believe it? It’s something sneakier, more treacherous – the strategic manipulation of invisible signals, used with cunning precision. This deadly cat-and-mouse game pits opposing forces in an unending quest for supremacy. Electronic warfare (EW) is the name of this … Read more

Improving Communication Reliability Caused by RF Interference

Every day we’re surrounded by a multitude of devices and systems that use the same airwaves (like invisible highways in the sky) to communicate. These airwaves resemble busy road lanes – shared and limited resources. Devices such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, radios, and even household appliances like microwave ovens all rely on these airwaves to function. Similar to the … Read more

Best Practices in Solving PNT Threats

PNT Threats Exposed - Are you prepared?

Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT), which is often shortened to just three letters, are like the hidden pillars that support our modern world. PNT is the heartbeat of our complex world, ensuring everything functions smoothly, from military operations to critical infrastructure systems. Breakdown of PNT’s Core Components: Positioning: It’s all about knowing where you are. Navigation: It ensures you get … Read more

DDoS Attacks Before and After the Pandemic

Changing Face of DDos Attacks

Communication, now more than ever, is the pulse of our modern society, and much of that credit goes to the telecommunications industry. It’s the invisible force ensuring we stay connected, engage in commerce, and share information. But with great power comes challenges. DDoS attacks have emerged as significant threats, with their dynamics changing notably around the COVID-19 period. This article … Read more

Why Precise Timing Is Essential for Substation Efficiency

Why Precise Timing Is Essential for Substation Efficiency

Power substations function as the beating heart of energy grids, ensuring the seamless flow of electricity from power plants to our homes and businesses. Yet, what ensures the efficient and reliable operation of these substations? This is where substation automation comes into play. Substation automation serves as the intelligence behind these substations, ensuring their seamless functioning. Its tasks include monitoring, … Read more

Explore the Future of the Electricity System at CIGRE Symposium 2023

CIGRE Cairns Symposium 2023

We are excited to announce our participation in the highly anticipated 2023 CIGRE Symposium, the leading event for the energy and telecommunications sectors. Join us at Booth #69 to explore innovative solutions for critical communications networks. Event Details: When: September 4th to 7th, 2023. (This is an in person event only) Where: Cairns Convention Centre, Cnr Wharf & Sheridan Streets, … Read more

Fault Localization in Power Distribution Networks

Efficient Fault Localization in Power Distribution Networks

Advancements in Signal Analysis for Effective Fault Localization in Power Distribution Networks The Challenge of Fault Localization There exists a lingering fear among those responsible for fault localization – the dreadful prospect of undetected RF signal faults. Within the intricate web of interconnected components, hidden faults silently wreak havoc, posing a significant threat to the network’s reliability. The consequences of … Read more

Securing Mission-Critical Systems in the Face of GPS Jamming

A striking image featuring the planet Earth enveloped in caution tape, prominently displaying the words 'Shut Down' symbolizing a global crisis or breakdown.

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) have become pivotal across numerous industries and sectors for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) systems. Among the most widely known GNSS is the Global Positioning System (GPS). While the GPS remains widely known and used, its increasing reliance has exposed vulnerabilities, particularly in the face of intentional interference known as GPS jamming. GPS jamming poses … Read more

Why Network Monitoring and DDoS Resilience Testing are More Important Than Ever Before

Why Network Monitoring and DDoS Resilience Testing are More Important Than Ever Before

The truth is, the danger of cyber attacks has reached alarming heights, and it’s a secret that can no longer be ignored. Businesses in all kinds of industries are dealing with more advanced and sophisticated threats that can compromise their networks, systems, and valuable data. In this situation, it’s incredibly important to understand the significance of network monitoring and DDoS … Read more

How to Maintain Cell Towers Efficiently with Minimal Effort

How to Maintain Cell Towers Efficiently with Minimal Effort

Behind every successful wireless network lies a tower operator who understands the importance of maintaining peak performance for base stations and cell towers. After all, these crucial infrastructure serve as the backbone of modern communication. But it’s not all smooth sailing – they face a barrage of challenges to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and optimal performance. From structural concerns to equipment … Read more

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