5G Core Network Testing has never been easier with Spectra2

5G Core Network Testing has never been easier with Spectra2

5G Core Network Testing has never been easier with Spectra2

Spectra2’s 5G Core Network Toolkit supports comprehensive testing of 5G core network functions and procedures. Using Spectra2, you can build out your 5G core network efficiently and with confidence. Since the 5G core network architecture represents a complete overhaul from 3G and 4G technology, the initial test effort usually begins with functional testing of an individual network function. From there, more complex procedures and use cases must be tested with varying message content and flows.

  • HTTP/2 with enhanced visualization: Speed debugging and analysis with text-based visualization of complete 5G messages.
  • 5G Message Builder: Build 5G messages from 3GPP standard YAML files or from PCAP captures. Messages can be modified to include any combination of headers and content.
  • In-Call Database: Support comprehensive procedure testing where context is maintained across multiple network functions.
  • Flexible Scripting: Develop test cases to test specific scenarios, including error conditions.

Spectra2 emulates 5G network functions and interacts with other network functions using the 5G Service Based Interface (SBI). Using this approach, Spectra2 supports a wide variety of test scenarios, from a single network service to testing complex procedures involving multiple network functions.

Spectra 2 - 5G Core Network Testing

Spectra2 enables you to validate 5G core network functionality in a methodical fashion. Deploying a brand-new architecture for a communication network usually begins with functional testing and branches out from there. Spectra2’s automated 5G message generation and flexible scripting interface allows users to test all aspects of a 5G core network including:

  • Functional testing of a network service
  • Functional testing of a procedure
  • Regression testing
  • Multi-vendor interoperability testing
  • Replication of vendor-specific message flows
  • Vendor bake-offs
  • Negative testing
  • Turn-up testing
  • Recreating scenarios based on problem reports
  • New 5G use cases such as network slice selection
Spectra 2 - 5G Core Network Testing

To download the datasheet on the Spectra2 please click here. If you would like to know more please give us a call on 1800 268 378 and one of our technical consultants will be able to assist you with any questions you may have or arrange a demonstration. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us here.

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