Data Protection

Imperva Data Security

Imperva Data Security reduces your security and compliance risk while enabling digital transformation. It protects your data on-premises and in the cloud by discovering sensitive data, monitoring all data activity, stopping unauthorized access, uncovering risky users and suspicious actions, providing actionable security insights and masking data for non-production use.

Imperva protects and provides a secure foundation for our customers’ businesses. Once deployed, our solutions proactively identify, evaluate, and eliminate current and emerging threats, so you never have to choose between innovating for customers and protecting what matters most.

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Imperva Data Activity Monitoring (DAM) defines and enforce uniform data security and compliance policy across the cloud and on-premises.

Key Features

  • Detect and prioritize data threats using data science, machine learning and behavior analytics
  • Pinpoint risky data access activity – for all users including privileged users
  • Gain visibility by monitoring and auditing all database activity
  • Protect data with real-time alerting or user access blocking of policy violations
  • Uncover hidden risks with data discovery, classification and vulnerability assessments
  • Reduce the attack surface with static data masking