FiberChek Sidewinder Fibre Inspection MicroScope for Multi-fibre Connectors

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The FiberChek Sidewinder is an automated multifibre connector inspection microscope designed for effortless inspection and analysis of connectors like MPO. It offers a fully autonomous inspection workflow, ensuring accurate and fast test performance. With a handheld design and versatile connectivity options, the Sidewinder provides convenience and flexibility in accessing and testing connections. It features a built-in touchscreen, live fibre viewing, automatic adjustments, and comprehensive end-face analysis. The Sidewinder is compatible with simplex fibres and supports industry standards, with the ability to store and export test results. It also integrates with FiberChekMOBILE for added test and inspection benefits. Overall, the FiberChek Sidewinder is a reliable and efficient solution for MPO inspection and certification.

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This ex-demo unit comes with the following accessories;

  • AU Adapter
  • USB 2.0 converter cable USB-C Male to USB-A Male
  • Tips/Adapter Case with the following tips; FBPP-BAP1, FCPT-UFBPT, Collar (Large) x 3, Collar (Small) x 3, FCPP-OLA-1 (large & small) x 2, FCPT- MTP, FCPT-MTPA
  • Quick start Guide for Sidewinder & FiberchekPro
  • Black Carry Case with strap
  • FiberCheck Sidewinder Product Brief + Ordering Info + Tips Picture

FiberChek Sidewinder

“All-in-one” handheld inspection and analysis solution for multifibre connectors such as MPO

Key Features

  • Fully automated inspection and analysis of multifibre MPO/MTP® ribbon fibre connectors with results in under 12 seconds!
  • Integrated touchscreen display gives users full control to view live images and analysis results, pan & scroll across the end face to view each fibre, and easily navigate results
  • Integrated IEC 61300-3-35 pass/fail analysis eliminates subjective guesswork and ensures everyone gets the same results
  • User-selectable acceptance profiles allow certification to any acceptance criteria
  • Includes FiberChekPRO™ software for analysis and reporting with laptops/PCs
  • Detailed report generation to certify and document results
  • WiFi/USB connectivity for use with PC/laptop or mobile devices
  • Dual magnification with toggle button allows easy switching in both live and analysis views
  • Also tests simplex fibres


  • Inspect and certify multifibre MPO/MTP® ribbon fibre end-face quality at the push of a button, making your technicians instant fibre experts
  • Ensure physical-layer performance by guaranteeing fibre connectivity meets industry standards
  • Eliminate confusion with fast, easy, and objective testing