Increase Cyber Resilience with Advanced Cyber Ranges

Whether testing new SW releases, IT infrastructure or implementing a new Cyber Range, the security requirements within this market are significantly more stringent than standard commercial markets meaning a need for a “Permissions based Architecture” as well as ensuring each communications path is “Hardened” to safeguard against crosstalk.

Deploying a secure, automated and transparent lab infrastructure poses many challenges for Government agencies and their suppliers, the complexity of the developing an accurate simulated representation of their network, system or application environments whilst maintaining security is by no means an easy accomplishment. Add to this concerns around CapEX and OpEX spend alongside tool utilization and the challenges only increase.

Scalability and Flexibility are also critical to maximizing Test Tool Utilization, however flexibility which is associated to changes within the network topology at short notice can also lead to security vulnerabilities. NESTSCOUT addresses and removes these concerns.

Military Cyber Range Use Case

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This Solution set, developed through years of experience within this market vertical, are recognized as the most secure, fully redundant and transparent in the industry today and I would like the opportunity of speaking with you and how they are utilized.

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