Universal Fibre Optic Crimping Tool with Fibre Optic Die


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The Universal Fibre Optic Crimping Tool is a versatile and efficient tool designed for crimping various connectors, including COAX and network connectors. With its minimal closing force and separate crimping dies, it ensures precise crimping grooves for perfect crimps every time. The tool features a ratcheting handle for easy use with minimal hand force, an ergonomically angled head for comfortable wrist positioning, and quick die changes. Its built-in safety release mechanism and durable steel housing guarantee longevity. The Crimper includes a fibre optic die and is compatible with Corning Gilbert and Belden Connectors. It is suitable for a range of connector types, such as FC, ST, SC, LC, SMA, and MT-RJ. The tool measures 9 1/2″ in length and weighs 1.44 lb.

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Universal Fibre Optic Crimping Tool

The Universal Fibre Optic Crimper is an exceptional tool designed to provide a seamless crimping experience for various connectors, including COAX, network, and more. Its advanced features and benefits make it the ideal choice for professionals seeking precision and efficiency in their crimping tasks.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with Corning Gilbert and Belden Connectors: Ensures versatility and compatibility with a wide range of connectors, allowing you to tackle different projects effortlessly.
  • Ratcheting handle for effortless crimping: The ergonomic ratcheting handle reduces the amount of hand force required, making crimping a breeze. It provides a comfortable grip and ensures consistent crimps every time, even until the last click.
  • Angled head design for enhanced comfort: The Fibre Optic Crimping Tool’s uniquely angled head minimizes wrist strain, eliminating the need for uncomfortable bending while working. Enjoy improved ergonomics and prolonged comfort during your crimping tasks.
  • Quick and easy die changes: With the Fibre Optic Crimper, swapping out crimping dies is a breeze. You can effortlessly adapt to different connector types, allowing for seamless transitions between projects and increased productivity.
  • Built-in safety release mechanism: The Fibre Optic Crimper features a built-in safety release that unlocks the ratchet if it ever gets stuck. This ensures the tool remains safe to use and prevents potential damage or accidents.
  • Ergonomic dual-component handles: The Fibre Optic Crimping Tool’s handles are thoughtfully designed with ergonomic dual-component materials. Enjoy a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue during extended use, promoting efficiency and ease of operation.
  • Durable steel housing: Crafted with a durable steel housing, the Fibre Optic Crimper is built to withstand rigorous usage. This robust construction guarantees its longevity, ensuring it will be a reliable companion for a lifetime of crimping tasks.


  • Includes: Universal Fibre Optic Crimper with Fibre Optic Die
  • Cable Type: Fibre Optic
  • Crimp Size: 0.151/0.178/0.139/0.190″
  • Connector Type: FC, ST, SC, LC, SMA, and MT-RJ Connectors
  • Length: 9 1/2″ (241.3 mm)
  • Weight: 1.44 lb (0.65 kg)

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 25 cm