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NE-ONE Network Emulators

Accelerate Application Readiness with NE-ONE Product Family - Your Network Emulation Solution

Real-World Network Testing Made Easy

Trusted by Enterprises, Defence, Governments, Military Organisations and Prime Contractors around the world

  • Simplify the creation of accurate and repeatable test networks with NE-ONE’s intuitive web interface.
  • Mimic real-world network scenarios with a diverse library of impairments, ensuring your applications are network-ready.
  • Scale effortlessly, support multiple teams, and seamlessly integrate into enterprise networks.
  • Experience rapid analysis, real-time metrics, and programmable capabilities for custom test scenarios.

Unlock the power of NE-ONE and optimise your application performance like never before!

Accurate Real-World Network Emulation

Test application performance under various network conditions, including WAN, Cloud, Mobile, and WiFi, ensuring a positive user experience.

Rapid Test Network Setup

Intuitive web interface and ready-made test network templates enable quick and efficient test environment configuration.

Scenario Builder for Automated Testing

Create fully automated test networks that mimic real-world situations, identifying application weaknesses.

Real-Time Analysis with Graphs and Metrics

Instant visibility into application performance to identify and resolve issues early on.

Flexible and Easy Deployment

Seamlessly integrate NE-ONE into test labs or production IT infrastructure, ensuring a smooth deployment process.

Enterprise-Wide Management and Integration

Centralized management, Single Sign-On integration, and SNMP support streamline IT operations.

Scalable Architecture

Easily scale to meet the needs of multiple teams and concurrent tests, optimizing cost and efficiency.

Programmable Architecture

Create custom test network environments using software-defined programmability for enhanced flexibility and sophistication.

Virtual Appliance Support

Leverage Virtual Appliance options for NE-ONE products, integrating with VMware's ESXi and Openstack environments.

Confused about which edition would be the most fitting for your needs?

If you need more information and advice on which edition is best for you, please contact us, we are always available to help you.

Online MasterClass

Calnex recently hosted an informative webinar that showcased how the NE-One Network Emulator Solution can assist you in testing your applications in a manner that closely resembles real network conditions. This event aimed to help you enhance your application performance and gain insights into your network's behaviour. If you weren't able to attend the webinar, you can view the recording below.

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