Viavi Helps Speed Headend and Hub Performance Scanning and Troubleshooting in DOCSIS 3.1 Deployments

Improve headend workforce productivity, cut OpEx/CapEx, and accelerate new service deployments with the DOCSIS 3.1-Ready VSE-1100 Video Spectrum Analyzer

The Viavi Solutions® VSE-1100 is ready for D3.1 with a spread of new capabilities. Headend techs now have a tool they can count on for accurate D3.1 level measurements, troubleshooting tricky intermittent issues, and eliminating tedious test tasks.

Adjust OFDM signals correctly — measure and set D3.1 OFDM carrier levels correctly as laid out in the CableLabs® guidelines.

Reduce time needed for RF audits — automatically measure all downstream carriers and view bundled results in a single report with the super-fast performance scan.

Troubleshoot intermittent RF issues — continuously track level, MER, and DQI for up to 25 hours with a long-term TimeTrak measurement.

 Packet Dashboard display

VSE-1100 Packet Dashboard display with impulse noise causing code Word errors

Analyze video from multiple sources — perform MPEG analysis on both Ethernet and RF sources.

Get all this with a future-proof instrument that measures downstream to 1.8 GHz!

Use Case(s) — Measure and align D3.1 OFDM signal levels accurately for optimal performance and to the maximum allowable frequency limit. Automate thorough headend performance audits and reporting to save time. Troubleshoot intermittent RF issues with long-term testing to identify interference at specific times. Validate MPEG transport streams pre and post modulator or MUX to segment problems and identify the source of video issues.

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