Your Guide on Choosing the Best Fibre to the Desk Solution

Your Guide on Choosing the Best Fibre to the Desk Solution

Fibre to the Desk (FTTD) is well known because it offers benefits superior to transmission over copper cabling. Enabling FTTD has many options, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution for delivering workspace connectivity to laptops, PCs, tablets and other network devices.

Transition Networks recently released their PCIe 10 Gigabit Ethernet Fibre Network Interface Card, and yet added another option for optimizing your FTTD implementation and installation. But deciding on the ideal FTTD solution means pairing it with the device needing connection, its available plugin slots, and the amount of space available in the work area. And so here's a few recommendation:

Traditional PCs: PCIe Network Interface Cards (NIC)

  • Desktop PCs typically have PCIe slots available to securely mount a NIC
  • PCIe cards are available with multiple fibre adapter types for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet transmission
  • PCIe NICs are also available with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) capability to power VoIP phones

Laptop or Tablet: Scorpion-USB Network Adapters

  • Portable computing devices also don’t have PCIe slots but do offer USB ports, Scorpion-USB adapters can plug into the USB port for a simple and easy fibre Ethernet connection
  • These compact solutions are ideal for temporary or portable fibre access in university and lab settings or other flexible work spaces

Small Workspaces: Media Converters

  • Media converters and mini-media converters are small, economical, plug and play solutions that convert from copper to fibre and easily fit behind a computer or under a desk surface
  • PoE media converters connect the PC to the fibre network and provide power over existing copper cabling to network devices such as VoIP phones

Small PCs and Thin Clients: M.2 Fibre Network Interface Cards

  • Small form factor PCs don’t have enough space for traditional PCIe slots, M.2 Ethernet Fibre NICs was created to securely mount inside micro or mini PCs
  • Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet M.2 Fibre NIC versions are available

Whatever device you need to connect, this quick guide offers affordable and easy-to-use solutions that provide the security, bandwidth, and reliability benefits of fibre transmission.

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