Massive Used Test Equipment Clearance

Demo and Used Test and Measurement (T&M) Equipment is an excellent way to reduce the cost of acquiring equipment. And now you have a great new choice.

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23-Step Certification Process

Electrical & Functional Tests

  1. Verify voltage and fuse settings prior to switch-on
  2. Perform electrical safety test
  3. Perform Self Tests, Verify all displays, LED's and lights are in good working order

Product & Unit Validation

4. Physically verify all hardware and software options
5. Check the asset number and/or serial number


6. Validate Firmware and Software revisions and ensure virus-free operation.
7. Check and clear Internal memory storage.
8. Remove all covers and panels to clean internal and external surfaces and remove redundant labels.
9. Check feet, handles, knobs, switches, fans, and filters; replace if applicable.
10. Check memory/clock backup batteries and user-serviceable batteries; replace if applicable.
11. Reassemble covers and repeat equipment Self Tests.

Configure and Calibrate

12. Configure Hardware and Software options to match customer order requirements.
13. Verify current calibration data and calibrate to the required standard, if applicable.
14. Produce calibration/verification certificate, if applicable.
15. Affix tamper-proof integrity seals, calibration, and electrical safety labels, if applicable.

Customise for destination

16. Set correct voltage, fuse and supply power cord for destination country.
17. Set time, date, and language for destination country, if applicable.

Sealing and Packing

18. Fit protective covers to external connectors/ports.
19. Prepare and supply all standard accessories as stated by manufacturer.
20. Pack securely with documentation for destination country.

Investment Protection

21. Guarantee the 10-day right of return for a 100% refund.
22. Include a 12-month warranty where applicable.
23. Back equipment with technical support.

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