New tools from Jonard Tools available at CoverTel

Every tool you need to cut, splice, connect, and prepare fiber cables is now available at CoverTel

Get yourself the latest and most technologically advanced tools made from high-quality materials designed to provide easy access to any Fiber Optic Cables.

ToolsFiber Optic Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool Kit

(1.2 mm-10 mm)

ToolsFiber Prep Kit+

ToolsFerret Plus – Wireless Inspection Camera & Cable Pulling Tool

ToolsMid Span Slit & Ring Tool (9.8 mm-18.2 mm)

ToolsNon-Contact Dual Range Voltage Detector Pen, 24-1000VAC & 90-1000VAC W/LED Flashlight

ToolsSubmariner Cable & Large Duct Slitter

ToolsFiber Optic Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool Kit 

(1.2 mm-18.2 mm)

ToolsFiber Stripper & Kevlar® Shears Kit, Leather Pouch

ToolsPrecision Fiber Cleaver

ToolsJonard Tools QuickSleever

ToolsJonard Tools CableSaber

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