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Strikesorb Surge Protection Technology

Strikesorb is a patented technology from Raycap that ensures the continuous protection of mission-critical equipment. This unique surge protective device (SPD) provides a very safe solution to any environment because it eliminates the use of materials that could burn, smoke, or explode.

Strikesorb SPDs are tested and certified according to international safety and performance standards, IEC, and UL. Strikesorb technology offers the world's most advanced varistor and sparkgap technology with high capacity that can be connected in series to the system. Once installed, the possibility of damage as a result of lightning and mains impacts is eliminated.

Strikesorb Surge Protection Devices Product Family

Key Features

  • Maintenance Free - Strikesorb’s fuse-less operation, its unparalleled performance against power surges and its immunity to TOV conditions make it the most reliable SPD for protection of the entire installation, and eliminates the need for maintenance and replacement parts.
  • Patented Technology – Strikesorb features an innovative SPD design that ensures continuous protection and eliminates all the failure and safety risks related to conventional SPDs.
  • Safest SPD - Strikesorb’s aluminum casing and internal components manage the heat generated within the device when multiple lightning surges or faulty operating conditions occur. Its design eliminates the use of any materials which could burn or smoke.
  • Long Lifespan and Warranty - Strikesorb’s expected lifetime is much more than 20 years; it is supplied with a 10-year limited lifetime warranty.
  • High Surge Current Withstand Capability - Strikesorb incorporates a wide distribution grade MOV disk kept under pressure between large aluminum electrodes, enabling effective thermal dissipation and excellent management of the surge currents’ negative effects. Strikesorb can actually withstand thousands of repetitive surge events without degradation.
  • High Short - Circuit Current Rating – Strikesorb’s inherent capacity to resist high short-circuit currents enables flexible integration into industrial systems and “in-line” installation in all common AC and DC applications without the need for a dedicated fuse.

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