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Whether at corporate offices, on weather exposed construction sites, in whirring factories, high temperature environments, deep below the surface of the earth, or far out at sea on oil rigs or ships, the telephone is an indispensable communication tool. No matter what environmental conditions exist, telephones and paging systems are constantly relied on for direct, immediate, safe and clear information exchange. However, maintaining reliable communications has always been a challenge. Everyday factors such as weather, water, and dust create problems which increases significantly in the presence of corrosive elements and explosive atmospheres.

Guardian’s designs and technology make it easy and cost effective to extend telephone communication from the office to any - where on an industrial site regardless of exposure to weather, water, dust, humidity, corrosive or explosive atmospheres. The goal and vision is to provide seamless communication solutions that respond to customers’ needs for today and tomorrow and well into the future.


In an active facility, the communications traffic is extremely critical and seconds can matter. With explosive atmospheres being common place it is no time for cutting corners. Clear, concise communication is the expectation and is what Guardian delivers.

Hazardous Area


As your facility is a 24/7 operation, Guardian products are designed and built with maximum uptime to provide you peace of mind that they will operate when you need them to- ALL THE TIME!



With the ever-changing requirements, you can expect Guardian to have the right product in analog and/or VoIP to fit right in to your facility and make integration easy.



On top of the typical drilling realities, communications between on and offshore facilities present even further challenges. Marine environments are highly corrosive and only the toughest products survive. These requirements are taken into account during the design stage from material selection to circuitry encapsulation.

No matter what your requirements are, Guardian Telecom has a product to meet or exceed your requirement and deliver the critical communications in a cost effective, reliable manner. We invite you to contact us to discuss your needs and see which products & services will be the right fit.
We are here to assist you along the way! Reach out to us by calling +61 3 9381 7888 or email us at to know more about these products.
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