OSA 5430

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OSA 5430

Core PTP Grandmaster Clocks

OSA 5430

Advanced high-capacity synchronization solution

Reliable and accurate delivery of synchronization from the core to the network edge is essential to meet the stringent requirements of new mobile, fixed and cable networks. However, the challenges go beyond accuracy. As well as strict precision, network operators need a robust, scalable and cost- effective solution that can work over packet-based networks as well as legacy infrastructure.

ADVA Oscilloquartz’ OSA 5430 is designed to help network operators achieve stringent phase and time synchronization requirements and is the first IEEE 1588 grandmaster clock device on the market to support PTP, NTP and SyncE over multiple 10Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces. The new device is the only synchronization solution of its kind to provide fully redundant hardware, meaning that if one critical module fails, another instantly takes over, ensuring no loss of performance or service delivery. OSA 5430 answers the key challenges facing today’s operators as they roll out next-generation radio access network technologies such as LTE-A and 5G, and address the urgent synchronization needs of cable companies. This device delivers ultra-high synchronization service availability at cost points that are unmatched in the industry Furthermore, OSA 5430 features a modular, scalable design with a completely redundant architecture so if one of the modules fails, another is on standby, guaranteeing no impact on end users.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fully redundant hardware
    All key modules are protected ensuring no loss of performance and high service availability
  • High-speed connectivity
    First telecom grandmaster supporting PTP, NTP and SyncE over 10Gbit/s as well as 1Gbit/s interfaces with hardware timestamping
  • Simple migration to IP networks
    Migration from legacy TDM to IP based networks, including support for Composite Clock, BITS and T1/DS1/E1 signals
  • Unique flexibility
    Modular and scalable design, configurable to operate in ePRTC, PRTC A/B, SSU, PTP GM clock, APTS, boundary/slave clock mode and NTP server
  • Syncjack™ technology
    Built-in synchronization accuracy monitoring, testing and assurance functionality
  • Operational simplicity
    Ensemble Controller, including Ensemble Sync Director, and GNSS assurance for superior management and synchronization monitoring
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