OSA 3350 ePRC+

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OSA 3350 ePRC+

Optical Cesium Atomic Clock

Optical cesium atomic clock with excellent frequency stability

The OSA 3350 ePRC+ cesium clock is the industry’s first ePRC optical cesium atomic clock solution, protecting synchronization networks from costly and dangerous interruptions to satellite signals. The Oscilloquartz OSA 3350 ePRC+ provides unprecedented stability and a significantly longer lifetime compared to all other ePRC cesium clocks. It’s also the first cesium clock on the market with built-in SNMP support. This innovation in the design of atomic clocks comes at a critical time when GNSS outages caused by jamming and spoofing attacks are on the rise. Long GNSS disruptions can cause severe network outages and so the OSA 3350 ePRC+ offers vital backup for mission-critical infrastructures that depend on satellite-based timing, such as mobile networks and power utilities. The OSA 3350 ePRC+ also meets the stringent performance demands as well as the cost points needed for mobile networks transitioning to 5G.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-high stability and long lifetime
    Higher frequency stability and two times longer lifetime compared to legacy magnetic cesium atomic clocks
  • Unique innovation
    First commercial ePRC+ product utilizing optical technology for highly efficient utilization of cesium atoms
  • Compact design
    Compact and robust design for applications in the cloud, core networks and on enterprise sites
  • Technology leadership
    Only company has proven, long-standing expertise in both synchronization and optical solutions
  • RoHS compliant
    Fully compliant with latest RoHS standards for highest levels of environmental sustainability
  • Remote and secured management
    Remote and secured management using SNMPv3 fully supported by ADVA Ensemble Controller management system
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