ATX GigaXtend GMC 1.2GHz Line Extender

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ATX GigaXtend GMC 1.2GHz Line Extender

The ATX 1.2GHz GigaXtend™ GMC Line Extender broadband amplifier is designed to assist cable operators in evolving their HFC networks to meet subscriber demand, while fully leveraging previous investments. Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology supports RF output levels up to 57 dBmV. The ATX GaN amplifier provides one high-level forward RF output.

ATX 1.2GHz GigaXtend GMC Line Extender modules have increased gain to allow drop-in for 750MHz, 870MHz and 1002MHz spacing. Backward compatibility often allows upgrades to higher bandwidth with no respacing or resplicing. The DC power supply is modular and located in an updated housing lid for easy access. All ATX 1.2GHz Line Extender modules are factory configured with reverse amplifier, diplex filters, thermal compensation circuit, forward interstage pads and equalizer to promote optimal performance. Optional single-pilot Automatic Gain Control (AGC) configurations are also available.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • High-performance GaN gain stage technology
  • Plug-in accessories are compatible with earlier version of the GainMaker® platform
  • Amplifier cover that provides access to RF test points
  • Power supply mounted in housing lid for efficient thermal dissipation (60- and 90-VAC powering capability)
  • 15A current capacity (steady state) and 25A surge survivability
  • Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) pilot AGC available (optional)
  • AGC with thermal backup, which eliminates disruptive RF output variation in the event of pilot loss
  • Reverse input pad and RF test point for the reverse input port to allow optimum reverse path design and alignment
  • Surge-resistant circuitry that helps ensure gain stage protection without fuses or other failure-causing devices
  • Spring-loaded seizure assemblies allow coaxial connectors to be installed or removed without removing amplifier RF module
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