ET 92 Level Test Set


ET 92 Level Test Set

6 MHZ Level Test Set ET 92

The Elektronika 6 MHz Level Test Set ET92 is your Level Meter, Generator, Noise Level Meter and Spectrum Analyser all-in-one unit! It’s a hand held battery operated, multifunction measuring instrument, intended for the test of Carrier Frequency Systems, Power Line Carrier, Tone and FSK Communications Systems.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Selective level measurement of multi tone test signal (MTTS)
  • In selective receiving mode five special bandwidths: 20, 200, 1740, 1950 and 3100 Hz
  • Generation of quartz accurate test signal with a resolution of 1 Hz
  • Generation of multi tone test signal (MTTS)
  • Wideband noise measurement with 8 selectable filters
  • Long time impulse noise measurement up to 72 hours
  •  Sophisticated evaluation of test results like: NORM, PEAK, AVG, SAVG
  • Master-Slave cable parameter measurements like: Loss, Balance, Impedance, Ret. Loss and XTALK
  • Group Delay Distortion
  • Micro Interruption
  • Phase Jitter & Frequency Error Measurement

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