OSA 5410 Series


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OSA 5410 Series

Integrated GNSS PTP Grandmaster Clocks

OSA 5410 Series

PTP grandmaster, GNSS receiver and sync probe

ADVA Oscilloquartz OSA 5410 family of IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) access grandmaster devices is optimized for synchronization distribution, testing and assurance at the network edge. It ensures cost-effective and reliable synchronization of your base station clocks, enabling you to meet the key timing challenges of today. What’s more, it also has the unique capability of monitoring synchronization quality while operating in service; powered by our Syncjack™ technology, the OSA 5410 can perform clock frequency and phase accuracy measurements of both PTP and legacy networks.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Compact and cost-effective
    Small form factor design optimized for access network deployment
  • Syncjack™ technology
    Built-in technology for in-service synchronization accuracy monitoring, testing and assurance functionality
  • Unique flexibility
    Configurable to operate in grandmaster clock, assisted partial timing support (APTS), boundary clock and slave clock mode
  • Real-time sync monitoring
    In-service, network-based synchronization monitoring
  • High-availability design
    Automatic clock selection, self-calibrating delay asymmetry compensation and power supply redundancy
  • Operational Simplicity with Assurance
    Ensemble Controller, including Ensemble Sync Director, for superior management and synchronization monitoring capabilities

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