3GMA drive test tool


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3GMA drive test tool

Measurement & Analysis Tool

A multi-technology (2G, 3G, 4G, HSxPA, GSM-R, TETRA, WiMax) and high-end mobile network drive testing system. It combines both measurement and analysis in one, cost-effective tool.

Fully equipped with automatic analysis and reporting functionality. This versatile and user-friendly measurement solution for mobile communication networks covers the whole workflow of testing and measurement data acquisition up to sophisticated analysis, ETSI® -conformant Quality of Service evaluation, and report creation.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Mobile operation plus P/N Scanner operation
  • Built-in report generator, ETSI TS 102-250 QoS KPI plus additional KPI
  • Rich set of visualization and analysis functions
  • Full internal data storage, no „replay“ required
  • Full inter-view synchronisation including multi-file synchronisation; drill down synchronisation between analysis and data views
  • User-configurable, persistent views, layouts and workspaces
  • Single-button startup of predefined setups, like expert analysis workspaces
  • Compatible with all CVD data output of ICT-GSM, ICTGPRS, ACT (black-box) and DMTS
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