JD730B Series


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JD730B Series

Power Sensors

CellAdvisor RF Directional and Terminating Power Sensors

The portable JD730B series consists of Terminating or Directional power sensors types that can be used for any power measurement application. Portable for field applications and can interface with a PC or other JDSU’s wireless field testing solutions.

The directional power sensors (JD731A, JD733A) measure forward power and reverse power without having any service disturbance. The terminating power sensors (JD732A, JD734A and JD736A) measure transmitted power. Frequency range: 150-3800MHz Power range: -30 to 56dBm

Key Features

  • Measures power and displays results on CellAdvisor or a PC
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Guaranteed accuracy across complete frequency range with no need to disconnect or power off for zeroing
  • Two types of power sensors: terminating for out-of-service applications and directional for in-service applications

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