HDMI Tester


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HDMI Tester

HDMI Tester

The HDMI Display Tester with HD LCD Display and Audio from Steren is designed to allow the technician to test and certify the system and cabling at the time of installation, even if there is no customer display present. It allows the technician to perform a 19-pin continuity check, graphically displayed on the HDMI Display Tester, to confirm the cable is 100% operational in an easy-to-read green/red, pass/fail format. This versatile device also allows for testing audio and video signals up to 1080p to guarantee the signal source and HDMI® cables are functioning properly before the technician leaves the installation site.

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The First Handheld Portable HDMI Display Tester in the industry

Key Features

  • HDMI®19-Pin Continuity
  • Full-Color Audio and Video Display
  • Auto-scale Resolutions up to 1080P
  • Two HDMI® Input/Output Ports for Cable Continuity Test
  • One additional HDMI® Input Port to connect to the Set Top Box
  • One Micro USB Port for charging with the included AC Power Supply.
  • Hybrid Dual Layer (Silicone Rubber/Plastic) Ruggedized housing.
  • HDMI® 1.4b or c compliance

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