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Synchronization appliance

ALBEDO Net.Sync is a rack mounted synchronization appliance that can be configured as Grand-Master or Slave PTP clock. It can also monitor the quality assurance node capable to monitor the synchronization accuracy executing frequency/phase wander measurements including MTIE, TDEV and FPC to track the accuracy of master clocks. Net.Sync can play a an additional a tester therefore is able to verify the transmission layer being used by the timing packets by means of capacity and quality suites such as the RFC 2544, Y.1564 as simply looping back frames and
packets to remote appliances.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Built-in GNSS, OCXO, Rubidium (optional)
  • Ports: 2xSFP, 4xRJ45, 2xBNC, SMA-F, USB
  • Time Ref.: PPS, ToDs, E1/T1, 2.048/1.544/10.0 MHz
  • Int Clock: OCXO, Rubidium
  • SyncE: G.8261, G.8262, G.8264
  • SyncE MTIE/TDEV measurement
  • IEEE 1588v2 support decoding
  • PTP master / slave
  • RTD and 1-way delay measurements (GPS accuracy)
  • RFC 2544, eSAM (Y.1564), SLA
  • Wander Analysis/Generation
  • Floor Delay Population measurements
  • L1/L2/L3/L4 loopback
  • SNMP/MIB support

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