ETT 10


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ETT 10

Telephone and Exchange Tester

Telephone and Exchange Tester ETT 10

The Elektronika Telephone and Exchange Tester Fiber ETT 10 is intended for testing the main parameters of

  • subscriber lines,
  • exchanges and PABXs
  • subscriber telephone sets and other terminal equipment such as fax machines and meter pulse counters

Key Features and Benefits

  • Handheld programmable instrument with microprocessor control
  • Testing of subscriber lines, exchanges and telephone sets
  • Ring generator for testing telephone sets
  • Battery for feeding the telephone line with DC current
  • Dial tone and fax tone generator for testing subscriber terminal equipment
  • Testing of pulse dialers by evaluating dial pulse parameters
  • Voltage, resistance and capacitance measurement
  • Level and frequency measurements in the voice frequency band
  • Generation and testing of meter pulse parameters
  • Standard telephone line terminations

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