Web Slitter & Shaving Tool


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Web Slitter & Shaving Tool

The web slitter & shaving tool from Jonard Tools is the perfect tool for working with aerial messenger cables ranging from 0.400″-0.625″ in diameter. It’s designed to slit and shave the webbing off messengered hardline COAX cables and figure 8 fiber cables.

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Key Features:

  • Ultra-sharp steel slitting blade slits even the thickest webbing with ease
  • Adjustment knob for the shaver tightens down cables for close shaving
  • Locking mechanism provides increased leverage to easily penetrate thick webbing
  • Shaving blade removes excess webbing to provide a smooth surface for cable termination
  • Slits webbing off figure 8 fiber cables and COAX cables ranging from 0.400″-0.625″ in diameter (10.2 mm-15.9 mm)
  • Perfect for outside plant (OSP) work on aerial messengered cables

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