Fiber Optic Connectors


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Fiber Optic Connectors


Used in the fiber optic connection, the typical use is to provide a cable-to-cable fiber connection. Provides a reliable solution for fiber connections.

All standard and hybrid types are offered in both Multimode and Singlemode construction. High-performance interconnections offer very low insertion loss.

Types of Fiber Optic Connectors

ST® connector – uses a bayonet locking system, is the most common connector.
SC connector – features a molded body and a push-pull locking system.
FDDI connector – comes with a 2.5-mm free-floating ferrule and a fixed shroud to minimize light loss.
MT-RJ connector – a small-form RJ-style connector, features a molded body and uses cleave-and-leave splicing.
LC connector – a small-form-factor connector, features a ceramic ferrule and looks like a mini SC connector.
VF-45™ connector – another small-form-factor connector. It uses a unique “V-groove“ design.
FC connector – a threaded body connector. Secure it by screwing the connector body to the mating threads. Used in high-vibration environments.
MTO/MTP connector – a fiber connector that uses high-fiber-count ribbon cable. It’s used in high-density fiber applications.
MU connector – resembles the larger SC connector. It uses a simple push-pull latching connection and is well suited for high-density applications.

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