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Copper and Fibre Network Troubleshooter

The new NaviTEK NT is a network tester for troubleshooting and maintenance of active and passive copper and fibre networks. Incorporating an improved graphical interface NaviTEK NT allows network technicians to pinpoint and solve network connectivity issues faster than ever before.

  • *** Now includes a touchscreen ***
  • Network troubleshooting – pinpoint and solve network connectivity issues quickly
  • Network service detection – port info, IP/MAC addresses and operates on VLAN
  • Monitor network traffic – real time display of broadcast network traffic
  • Copper and fibre cable tests – wiremap, distance to fault, PoE, optical power indication
  • Professional PDF reports – send them from the site using the free TREND AnyWARE app
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      Features and Benefits:

      • Test Mode Selection – Allows users to easily choose between Auto-detect, Cable, Switch and Network. Also in instances where switches are configured to deny any unapproved devices, the NaviTEK NT will now display LLDP/CDP port information when connected due to its passive testing mode.
      • Fibre Cabling Pass/Fail – Indicates a Pass or Fail when testing fibre cabling. Clear colour coded on screen indications of Pass (Green) and Fail (Red) help technicians judge optical Rx power level more easily, as well as eliminating any guess work for technicians with limited knowledge of optical levels. The Pass/Fail threshold simply needs to be defined by the user in Setup from the main network test screen.
      • Port & network summary info – Displays summary information and allow for detailed inspection of network parameters.
      • VLAN detection & operation – Allows the user to configure NaviTEK NT for operation on a VLAN.
      • Ethernet utilisation – Displays real time of broadcast network traffic shown as a percentage of port speed for the previous 60 minutes.
      • CDP/LLDP/EDP port information – Show port information using Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) and Extreme Discovery Protocol (EDP).
      • Netscan – Displays a list of IP and MAC addresses of every device connected to the network.
      • Network Probe – Views network illustration to verify test results of each network component.
      • Custom Wiremap – A list of wiremap templates are available for common Ethernet cable types as well as non-Ethernet cables, such as Profinet and ISDN
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