Workplace Temperature Screening Camera Kit


Workplace Temperature Screening Camera Kit

The elevated Workplace Temperature Screening Camera Kit is great for situations where a simple thermal scan is required. With an accurate temperature reading in just 0.6 seconds, a Pass/Fail result is delivered as fast as it takes someone to stop in front of the scanner.  This means even the busiest of entrances can process large numbers of people with little delay – making the ServersCheck IR Spot Sensor an invaluable protection device for buildings and workplaces.

Here’s how the InfraSensing IR SPOT Scanner works:

  1. The person being scanned stands between 5 and 30 cm away from the scanner.
  2. The scanner instantly takes a reading, with a GREEN light [Safe Result] or a RED light [Warning].
  3. And if they’re standing too far away, the sensor automatically emits a white light until they’re correctly within range.

If a red light result is shown, it’s simple then for a secondary test to be carried out by medical staff in attendance, or another procedure to be followed (person refused entry & referred for further investigation).

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Contactless / no touch temperature screening
  • Self-screening
  • Supervised screening
  • Standalone operation possible without any network connectivity
  • Self-installation of system
  • Data recording
  • 0.5°C Accuracy
  • Show green or red color via led to screened person
  • Privacy & anonymous operation possible

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