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DDoS Resilience Testing

The NETSCOUT Solution for DDoS Mitigation Testing
SpectraSecure tests DDoS resilience in a controlled manner using configurable threat vectors that can mimic the malicious traffic launched by botnets. SpectraSecure utilizes test-botnets to simulate real-world attack scenarios in a customer’s controlled environment. Using SpectraSecure, you can validate the resilience of any potential target, including networks, applications, and services. Test attacks launched by SpectraSecure appear massively distributed, even when the test-botnet consists of a small number of Virtual Machines. A single test using a volumetric attack vector may appear to originate from millions of unique endpoints.

Verify DDoS Attack Resilience Before an Attack Happens

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Ease of Use
    SpectraSecure’s web interface allows authorized users to create DDoS attack scenarios quickly and easily. Built-in Threat Vectors include configurable attack profiles and bandwidth settings.
  • Flexible Deployment
    SpectraSecure can be deployed on virtual machines for maximum flexibility, or on a COTS server with an optional high performance NICs for high bandwidth testing from a single instance
  • DevOps Ready
    Use SpectraSecure’s REST API to automate DDoS mitigation
  • Multi-Vector
    Test resilience to complex DDoS attack scenarios using SpectraSecure’s built-in attack vectors and your own custom attack profiles.

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