FSP 150-XJ128


FSP 150-XJ128

10G/25G Carrier Ethernet Demarcation and Synchronization Delivery

FSP 150-XJ128 is a low-power 1/10/25GbE demarcation solution for fast and seamless mass deployment of high bandwidth Carrier Ethernet services with precise synchronization. With zero-touch provisioning, services are activated without the need for onsite visits of technically trained staff. MEF 3.0 compliant CE services using established OAM procedures simplify operations, while the fanless design in combination with low power consumption further minimizes operational costs. The ADVA FSP 150-XJ128 is a perfect fit for space-restricted applications, and redundant power supplies are ideal for high service availability. It’s the key to the commoditization of high-bandwidth Ethernet services to meet the fast-growing demand of private as well as public enterprises. Leveraging the latest technology, this demarcation solution is the benchmark for Ethernet and synchronization service delivery in terms of cost-efficiency and operational ease.

Download FSP 150-XJ128 Product Data Sheet


  • 1G/10/25G Ethernet service demarcation
    Seamlessly moving from 1Gbit/s to 25Gbit/s services, supported by powerful 78Gbit/s architecture
  • MEF 3.0 compliant CE services
    Well established interfaces and protocols for ease of network integration and operation
  • Synchronization
    Well prepared for emerging timing needs with BITS, SyncE and IEEE-1588 PTP
  • Compact design
    No need to compromise on performance even for space-restricted applications
  • Automated activation
    Zero-touch provisioning for fast and easy service activation without the need for onsite visits
  • Fanless operation at high temperature
    Temperature-hardened design eliminates the need for expensive air conditioning
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