OSA 5400 TimeCard™


OSA 5400 TimeCard™

Half-size PCIe card, PTP grandmaster, NTP server, boundary/slave clock

The OSA 5400 TimeCard™ provides a comprehensive set of synchronizations functions including a GNSS receiver, PTP grandmaster, NTP server, SyncE and a very precise boundary clock. The half-size PCIe-card can be plugged into any standard server to provide accurate timing including a comprehensive set of management and assurance features. With the OSA 5400 TimeCard™ installed in a server, applications have access to accurate and robust synchronization. Precise time information is provided by a PTP and NTP time server, which can be synchronized to UTC with the onboard GNSS receivers. Our OSA 5400 TimeCard™ is essential for any server hosting mission-critical and time-sensitive applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Standard PCIe card – Half-length, standard-height single and dual slot server card
  • Sophisticated, feature -rich synchronization – Built-in GNSS receiver enabling PRTC and IEEE 1588v2 grandmaster (GM), boundary (BC), slave clock (SC) and NTP server functionality
  • Syncjack™ technology – GNSS and synchronization assurance with comprehensive monitoring and analytics
  • Proven Oscilloquartz technology – OSAinside™ for faster time to market with less development and integration effort, while providing comprehensive timing functions
  • Highest reliability – Multiple fallback options – high-stability OCXO/ rubidium, SyncE and PTP can be used in the event of GNSS outage
  • Open control interfaces – Management integration with standardized information models and optional use of our Ensemble Sync Director

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