aPNT+™ Solution


aPNT+™ Solution

The ADVA Oscilloquartz aPNT+™ solution delivers excellence in threat detection with multiple backup options alongside a comprehensive range of strategies for mitigating any fault. Offering the widest selection of clock options, ADVA’s extensive portfolio of scalable Oscilloquartz grandmaster devices features the industry’s most advanced multi-band, multi-constellation GNSS receiver technology. This provides operators of critical infrastructure with a solution toolbox equipped for any threat landscape.

The aPNT+™ platform provides spoofing, jamming and cyber threat detection so that any malicious activity can be identified immediately and timing can be derived from uncompromised sources. With ADVA’s autonomous coreSync+ OSA 3350 optical cesium atomic backup clock, it exceeds even the most stringent industry timing requirements. ADVA’s edgeSync™ and coreSync™ grandmasters, the OSA 5422 and OSA 5430/40, provide integrated combiner functionality, creating a fully redundant ePRTC implementations with just two network elements. And the precision of multi-band GNSS receivers meets strict PRTC-B specifications – even without an atomic cesium clock, which significantly reduces cost. With ADVA’s market-leading aPNT+™ platform, you can rely on assured PNT services even in the most adverse conditions.

Designed with a scalable framework of three Key Building Blocks;

  • Multi-layer detection of malicious and unintentional disturbances to GNSS signals
  • Multi-source backup including cesium, PTP network timing and in-device enhanced holdover oscillators
  • Multi-level fault-tolerant mitigation through intelligent management of real-time synchronization

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