Hizima Cam Lock ZMC-10


Hizima Cam Lock ZMC-10

Hizima Cam Lock ZMC-10 is a mechanical-electrical integration lock with a passive & idling design. The cylinder will idle when locked, and there’s no power inside the padlock and the power comes from the smart key. Perfect for the electronic lock management when there is no attached battery and inconvenient to deploy the electrical wire.

The micro CUP is built in the smart passive American electronic lock cylinder and when used in conjunction with Hizima smart key and App management software, endless capacities can be acknowledged, for example, add, delete keys, control locker’s lock and unlock, etc. Under the support of the internet, the lock cylinders can centralize to authorize to realize centralized management to a large number of multi-located group locks via online or offline. This type of lock is made of stainless steel, which can widely be applied in cabinets, wardrobes and so on.

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Hizima Passive Smart Locks

Key Features and Benefits

  • Idling design to improve the capability of anti-violence unlock
  • Lock cylinder is passive design and power comes from the key; low cost to use; convenient to install and maintain
  • Electro motion performing structure and lock hole are isolated physically, AES 128 encryption, completely capable of anti-violence unlock
  • One key with authorization can unlock multiple locks
  • Usage pattern is as same as mechanical locks

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