Hizima Electronic Shackleless Padlock


Hizima Electronic Shackleless Padlock

Hizima’s Electronic Shackleless Padlock is mechanical-electrical integration lock with passive design. There’s no power inside the padlock and the power comes from the smart key. This smart padlock is managed by central management platform and supports online or offline working mode. It’s a great fit for outdoor use such as the gate of station or big cabinet, where there is no attached battery or inconvenient to deploy the electric wire.

Electronic Shackleless Padlock is designed with guards against drills, skids and so on the characteristic. A micro CPU is built in the electronic shackleless padlock to work with the smart key. To unlock and lock it is controlled by authorization settings. Add and delete keys are completed by APP self-service management software. If the smart key lost, the lock cylinder needs not to be changed, the only operation is to disable the authorization of the lost smart key from the central platform via APP. Products can be widely applied in telecom, petrol & gas, traffic, power and alike industries.

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Hizima Passive Smart Locks

Key Features and Benefits

  • Hockey Puck, waterproof padlock
  • Unlocks through Bluetooth, no need for a key
  • Self -priming magnetic external emergency power supply
  • Replaceable battery
  • External emergency power supply design

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