Cabinet Lock


Cabinet Lock

Smart dual channels cabinet lock

A mechanical-electrical integration lock to install on cabinets with built-in microprocessor to work in conjunction with Hizima’s centralized management Platform and APP.

This smart dual channel cabinet lock is designed with two unlocking channels:
1. Unlock by Hizima smart key: It is not necessary to connect external power supply for this unlocking channel. When inserting the key into the lock, it provides power supply to it. It is especially suitable for all kinds of outdoor cabinets without external power supply or inconvenient wiring, etc.
2. Unlock through Bluetooth: The cabinet lock can be opened through Bluetooth without key. Through this channel, it needs to connect to an external DC power supply. The operation on App and Platform to obtain authorization is the same as unlocking by key channel.

If you lose the smart key, the lock cylinder doesn’t need to be changed. Simply disable the access authorization of the lost smart key from the central platform via APP!

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Hizima Passive Smart Locks

Key Features and Benefits

  • Bidirectional encryption authentication security chip, no mutual opening rate, prevent technical unlock
  • Smart key cannot be duplicated
  • Acousto-optic alarms in abnormal condition
  • The key is universal – one Smart Key for multiple locks to improve work efficiency and reduce management cost
  • Lock and unlock records are controllable and traceable
  • Adaptable to all cabinet types

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