Tactical LTE Box


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Tactical LTE Box

Private LTE offering gives organisations access to a Private LTE Network solution with a low CAPEX and OPEX

This revolutionary and highly transportable and deployable Tactical LTEBOX from JRC, enables delivery of full LTE capabilities and interoperability with two-way radios communications in a matter of minutes. The ingenious features of the Tactical LTE solution can interoperate with your organisation’s private LTE network without needing any backhaul connectivity.


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Complete LTE Network in-a-Box
  • Lightweight ruggedized system
  • Operated independently and within an existing cellular wireless coverage
  • Supports several standard LTE frequencies and several bandwidth capacities
  • Suitable for both stationary and on the move implementations
  • Interoperability with legacy voice system
  • Pre-equipped with applications such as MCPTT, Voice gateway to allow voice, video, text and file transfer capabilities
  • Ability to host the customer private application

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